Next Generation of Boaters Research

When the NMMA and MRAA teams set out to build an amplified, relevant Discover Boating post-pandemic, starting with a refreshed brand voice and look and a new campaign, both of which launched this year, first on deck was understanding the boating consumer and the potential boating consumer to be, especially in a post-pandemic world. In partnership with agency partner, Cutwater, a host of research was conducted that looked at everything from the feelings and mindset of long-time boat owners, first time boat owners and potential boat owners to be, to their interests, and key demographics.

Three key segments emerged from the research: Traditional Boaters, Growth Segment and Emerging Segment. The Traditional Boaters are who their name suggests – they most closely resemble the current boat owner, while the Growth and Emerging segments are opportunities to expand the market for recreational boating representing 91 million people and more than 1.5x the Traditional Boater segment size.

Download an infographic on the Next Generation of Boaters Research here