Research & Education

Discover Boating continues to be committed to making strategic marketing decisions that are grounded in sound research and statistics. We share all learnings with the industry to help our stakeholders utilize the most cutting edge research and education to help grow their marine business. 

Marine Industry Marketing Summit

What good is knowledge, if we can't share it? Discover Boating hosts an annual Marketing Summit focused on provided the latest and greatest tactics in marketing to help you grow your business. This day long event is jam-packed with marketing experts both inside and outside the marine industry, who share their expertise and actionable tactics on digital, content and nurture marketing. This is an event you do not want to miss!  

First-Time Boat Buyer Study 

In 2016 Discover Boating conducted the most comprehensive research study done to date on First Time Boat Buyers. Our goal was to not only understand the first-time boat buyer and identify how they move from enjoying boating to becoming boat owners, but to better understand how we as industry can support them on their path to purchase. Visit the First Time Boat Buyer Research section to view the full study.  

How to Sell to the First-Time Boat Buyer

Watch. Listen. Learn. Through various educational partnerships, Discover Boating has sponsored presentations and workshops provided by some of the most savvy digital marketing and sales education experts in the game. We know that not everyone can be at every event, but we want to be sure we share all the learnings provided. Grab your marketing team and tune-in!

MRAA’s Guide to Boat Show Success

Made possible by Discover Boating, this unique guide walks stakeholders through high-level business advice from the marine industry’s top experts on how to be successful during the 2021 show season, no matter what form it takes. The chaotic nature of the 2020 season has trained the boating industry to be more flexible, proactive and adaptive to consistent uncertainty. To be prepared no matter what 2021 holds, this guide is an ideal resource to help you gain focus and develop a roadmap for success.

How to Increase Closing Rates with Content Marketing

Watch Forbes #6 pick of "Speakers You Don't Want to Miss the Opportunity to See", Marcus Sheridan, as he  addresses dealers at the 2017 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo on how to increase closing rates with content marketing, the importance of answering all consumer questions – the good, the bad and the ugly – and why you must provide as much information on your products as possible. 

One Thing with Discover Boating

This series of short articles and one minute informational videos focus on a variety of business related topics from how to leverage assets from the Discover Boating campaign to digital marketing best practices to developing the right marketing team for your brand.Take a quick minute and learn something new!

Your Brain on a Boat

As part of its 2018 campaign, Discover Boating embarked on a project with marine biologist and renowned author of Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You DoDr. Wallace J. Nichols, to explore the health and wellness benefits of boating. 

Web Referral Program 

The 2017 Discover Boating consumer campaign generated 3 million visits from Discover Boating's websites to boat brand websites and we set out to help quantify the value of those visits. But before quantifying them, it's important to undertstand the difference between a traditional lead and a web referral. Please watch these two short and informative videos to better understand how Discover Boating is benefiting your business. Visit the Web Referral Program section to learn more. 


Discover Boating is committed to providing educational webinars on a variety of subjects to help industry stakeholders grow their businesses. Recordings of all webinars are made available in this section, for stakeholders to view and share with their staff.

Landing Pages 

First impressions last. That's why it's critical to make a good first impression. After all, a visit to your website may be the first interaction a prospect has with your brand or business. Creating a custom landing page on your website for your Discover Boating traffic can help your business make a good first impression and also increases the probability of converting your web traffic into prospects.