Retaining New Anglers & Boaters

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, in conjunction with Discover Boating, conducted a study to understand how to attract, connect with and retain new anglers and boaters called, Casting a Wide Net: Identifying New Anglers & Boaters and Determining Tactics for Retention.

The core objectives of the research were to:

  • Learn where newcomers fall in the segmentation, or if there are unique attitudes and motivations that discern them and other segments better.
  • Identify the motivations and situations that encouraged trail in the activities
  • Probe among these newcomers with respect to enjoyment in the sport, experiences, trip details, behaviors related to purchasing gear and monetarily investing and general perceptions of their experience.
  • Predict and plan for the potential barriers Newcomers may experience as personal situations evolve in relation to the pandemic.
  • Explore and recommend ways to encourage retention to the activities.

The full study can be found here and an infographic showing "10 Facts About America's Newest Anglers & Boaters" can be found below.