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Grow Boating Marketing Summit Speaker Spotlight: Steve Pizzolato & Julie Hagemann

Don’t miss the Grow Boating Marketing Summit in Tampa on Monday, September 30. This IBEX Special Event features a panel of leading marketing experts who will share tips and insights on leveraging digital marketing channels to help grow your business.

Two of the featured presenters include Steve Pizzolato and Julie Hagemann who will lead an interactive conversation during the session, The Boomer and the Millennial: A Generational Conversation on Digital Marketing. Pizzolato and Hagemann are two knowledgeable and active participants in the boat industry who may or may not have different perspectives on how to use digital marketing to reach the boat owners of today and tomorrow.

While their conversation may focus on the solutions from a different perspective, the intention is to teach audience members, Boomers or Millennials, that we need to learn from each other and apply proven, and some newer techniques to consumers to continue to increase their interest in participating in the boating lifestyle.


Registration is $199 and includes the full-day session, lunch and networking reception.

Contact Grow Boating's Freya Olsen at with questions.