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Discover Boating Promotes Safe Boating Practices this Labor Day Weekend

With a busy boating weekend ahead for millions of Americans, Discover Boating is advising all boaters to keep safety top of mind and calling on boating community stakeholders to help promote tips to #RecreateResponsibly while boating.

While outdoor recreation activities like boating provide one of the safest atmospheres for Americans and their families to spend time unplugging and relaxing together, practicing safe and responsible recreation will help ensure everyone can continue boating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Discover Boating encourages all industry advocates to support safe boating practices and help spread the word by sharing Discover Boating’s safety article that includes the top 10 tips to #RecreateResponsibly:

  1. Check access status before you go
  2. Keep your distance
  3. No rafting up
  4. Wear a face covering
  5. Don’t forget your life jacket
  6. Boat sober
  7. Take a boating education course
  8. Practice clean boating
  9. Swim only in designated areas
  10. Monitor the weather

Also share the following Facebook post including these tips and use #RecreateResponsibly and #TheWaterIsOpen. 

For additional information on safe boating practices, please visit the Discover Boating website.