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Navigating 2021 Boat Shows - Download MRAA's Guide to Boat Show Success

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas Guide to Boat Show Success, released last month, is a publication to walk industry stakeholders through boat show success in 2021. Made possible by Discover Boating, the guidebook offers nearly 60 pages of content including dealer case studies and lessons learned from virtual events.
The guide provides high-level business advice from the marine industry’s top experts. The chaotic nature of the 2020 season trained the boating industry to be more flexible, proactive and adaptive to consistent uncertainty. To be prepared no matter what 2021 generates, this guide is an ideal resource to help you gain focus and develop a roadmap for success.
The Guide to Boat Show Success’ key topics include:
  • How to approach your show if it retains its in-person format.
  • How to make the most of a partner-produced virtual boat show.
  • How to ensure digital marketing efforts lead to success regardless of what happens with shows.
  • Considerations to make if exploring your own virtual boat show.
  • The importance of digital communication channels.
  • Use 3-D camera technology to build videos and virtual boat shows for your customers.
  • Marketing in a post-pandemic and pro-digital era.
  • New boater marketing and communication initiatives.
  • Assets and tools to instill confidence and market awareness.

This Guide to Success is available as an MRAA members-only publication, downloadable at