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Women’s Health Highlights Boating, Water Sports as Summer’s Must-Try Activities

As a result of Discover Boating’s recent virtual deskside media tour, Women’s Health magazine online (reach: 4 million unique monthly visitors) featured a number of water sports to try this summer and encouraged readers to visit to learn more.

Below is an excerpt from the article, “20 Cool Water Sports You Should Totally Try This Summer.”

Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and all of the other ways you get active in the H2O have serious mind-body payoffs, too. Not only do water sports decrease your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and diabetes) but they've also been shown to offer a serious mental health boost. I mean, come on, how can you not feel instantly calm with the sounds of waves or a lapping lake nearby?


Difficulty: Beginner

If you read the “beginner” status and made a quick mental note of the fact that you don’t actually own a boat, don’t worry. You can find all sorts of rentals in pretty much any community near a body of water—and if you don’t want to take on any waves (don't blame you there!), you can always opt for a lake or bay. Check out Discover Boating to learn more about boating, rentals in your area, and even safety practices.

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Stay tuned for more Discover Boating media coverage in leading consumer lifestyle publications throughout summer.