PR University - FAQs

Have a PR question? Here are answers to a few of the most common questions asked when planning PR efforts.

Q: When should I use public relations?
A: Public relations can be used to launch a new product, generate excitement about an existing product, celebrate an anniversary or other notable event, build brand recognition and align your product with a specific target audience or cause.

Q: What is the goal of PR?
A: The goal of most public relations activities is to put your product or message in the news. Editorial coverage provides credibility to your advertising messages or can serve as a substitute for advertising when your budget is limited.

Q: How do I know if my subject is newsworthy?
A: Ask yourself if this is something you would actually see featured on television or in the newspaper. If not, then figure out what you can do to make it more timely such as correlating your story to current events, holidays or seasons. It’s important to develop ideas that can generate news as well as capitalize on current trends and leverage existing programs you already have in place.

Q: How often should I contact the media?
A: You should contact the media when you feel you have a compelling story they would be interested in covering. With regard to follow-up, leave no more than two voicemails or e mails for a singler reporter or poducer. Should they decline interest in your story, do not contact them again with the same story idea.