Social Media Implementation

Support Discover Boating via Social Media

Starting a conversation with your customers (and potential customers) through social media provides another way to build relationships. Connecting via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great start.

Below are sample posts for Facebook and Twitter, plus an Image Gallery, if you need photos to use in your social media outreach. Remember to tag @discoverboating and #discoverboating in your posts. 

Need helpful tips and best practices for posting content on your social media channels? Well, you're not alone. Check out Discover Boating's Social Media 101 series below!

Post to Your Facebook Fan Page

Use the following posts to engage your Facebook followers with helpful Discover Boating content: 

"Whether you're a seasoned boater or a newbie, the great thing about boating is there's always more to learn. Check out for Nautical Know-How"

"Want to find the right boat for your budget and lifestyle. This Boat Selector Tool from Discover Boating can help with your research!"

"Check out these Stories of Discovery, a documentary series celebrating life on the water."

Tweets for your Twitter Followers

Use the following tweets to engage your Twitter followers with helpful Discover Boating content:

"Life’s better with a boat! Find out how you can get on the water from @DiscoverBoating."

"Turn boating dreams into a reality. Use @DiscoverBoating's Boat Selector Tool to find a boat that fits your lifestyle!"

"Want to get on the water today? Get boating know-how for experienced boaters to nautical novices from"