Discover Boating B2B is committed to providing educational webinars on a variety of subjects to help industry stakeholders grow their business. To recieve information on all future webinars, please contact: [email protected].

Understanding Barriers and Opportunities of Next Generation Boaters

On the heels of Discover Boating’s audience segmentation and behavior research which was leveraged to create the recent launch of the Discover Boating brand identity and See You Out Here campaign, the team did a fresh dive into the next generation segments to understand any behavioral shifts post-pandemic. The research shared in this webinar will look into the mindset of the next generation audience to better understand how to connect with and attract them to boating.


'See You Out Here' Campaign Update

This 60-minute webinar highlights Discover Boating’s 2022 marketing campaign, “See You Out Here,” and how it’s working to attract the next generation of boaters while helping retain the influx of new boaters over recent years. Included are details on the brand strategy and key elements of the campaign across media, PR, digital and more. 


The Impact of Boat Club & Rentals on Participation and Ownership

This webinar outlines who are members/customers and their motivations behind joining/renting, the perceived advantages and disadvantages compared to boat ownership and the impact these “sharing” models have on boating participation.

Left Brain Marketing’s Jerry Mona covers key learnings from the research, including:

  • Do boat clubs and rentals attract a different type of boater?
  • What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages vs. boat ownership?
  • How satisfied are boat club members and renters with their experience?
  • How many boat club members or renters would have purchased a boat instead?
  • What impact do boat clubs and rentals have on future boat purchase interest?


Webinar Recordings

Findability University with Heather Lutze 

View this three-part webinar series that will help you develop a findability (SEO) plan to achieve the online results that boost your bottom line. Download the following documents and follow along as Heather Lutze walks you through every step of improving your findability strategy:


Session 1: Spy On Yourself - Online Brand Reputation Made Easy

Covers brand protection, how to learn what is being said about your business in social and search, emergency plans for your online presence and Google alerts.

Findability University with Heather Lutze
Session 2: Spy On Your Prospects - Tools, Tips & Shortcuts to Tapping into the Mindset of Your Ideal Searcher

Learn how to leverage suggestive search, see what Google bot thinks about your homepage, use SEMRush.com to understand searchers and present yourself as a thought leader, not a sales person.


Findability University with Heather Lutze
Session 3: Spy on Your Competitors...In a Good Way

Understand what makes your product unique. Cover site ranking, how to dominate keyword search, own the reasrch result page and setting yourself apart from your competitors.


How to Produce Digital Content that Truly Moves the Sales & Marketing Needle
by Marcus Sheridan 

Many companies are now producing content, but not nearly enough are seeing their efforts turn into bonafide traffic, leads and sales revenue. In this webinar, sales and marketing expert Marcus Sheridan will show you exactly what type of content your business must produce if you want to move the sales needle and stand out from the competition. From text to video to digital strategy, take away actionable advice to help grow your business.