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A Look at MRAA’s Efforts in Partnership with NMMA to Expand Discover Boating, Improve Retention and Participation

Last summer, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) joined together to leverage their combined strengths to expand Discover Boating, improve boater retention and increase boating participation.

As part of the organization's joint efforts, MRAA focused its efforts on boater retention and helping the industry improve the overall buying and ownership experiences. To that end, MRAA invested heavily in both content and education development to build educational programs and spread the message about the importance of improving the customer experience at all industry touchpoints.

Additionally, MRAA's efforts worked to increase industry stakeholder engagement with Discover Boating and raise awareness and use of the resources it makes available to dealers. This has included multiple campaigns to promote free customized marketing materials and other Discover Boating tools available to dealers.

MRAA produced numerous publications, such as the "Guide to Boat Show Success" and "Operation: Keep Your Customers Boating," as well as the launch of a new monthly educational program titled "Training 'N' Tactics," through which it showcases solutions, advice and insights specific to a trending topic in the industry. The series offers dealers content necessary to train their teams with the leading strategies.

MRAA President Matt Gruhn has authored a monthly column in Soundings Trade Only that addresses the industry's biggest challenges and focuses on improving the customer experience.

"Collaboration is key to this industry's future growth and success, which is why we are so pleased to be working hand in hand with NMMA, and our joint partners at the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, to not only bring boaters into the sport — but to keep them here," said Gruhn.

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