PR University - How To Use

Did you know ... 70 percent of news in the media is generated by public relations?

That's why it's important to incorporate PR into your marketing plan! 

PR University helps address proactive and reactive public relations needs for your company. Could your business use help with drafting press releases, training spokespeople, contacting reporters and addressing sensitive issues in the media?

We make it easier for you to effectively communicate with mainstream and industry trade media to share your side of the story. 

PR University features the following:

What is Public Relations (PR)?

/lib/img/gallery/img08527121226.jpgPR helps a company or individual gain exposure to their desired audiences using topics of public interest and news items without payment.

It's not advertising. PR comprises nearly everything outside of a traditional advertising campaign and places exposure in credible third-party outlets that offer legitimacy that advertising does not have. Public relations is the tool that cuts across every medium in marketing and is most often used to build rapport with potential and existing customers as well as the general public.