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Discover Boating’s 2021 Campaign Highlights

As we approach the close of 2021, let's look back on the significant impact Discover Boating marketing and PR efforts had in generating awareness and engagement to retain the recent surge of newcomers and recruit new boaters – bringing younger, more diverse audiences into the fold to help grow boating for generations to come.

Key highlights from Discover Boating’s 2021 marketing & PR campaign include:

  • Manufacturer Referrals: Connected primed prospects with manufacturers with over 2 million referrals to manufacturer websites. Paid referrals were 50% higher than last year with a 22% lower cost per manufacturer referral as a result of enhanced optimization. 
  • Relevant Content: Captured prospective boaters and supported their exploration with highly relevant and useful information, and launched new “how-to” content with more than 45 articles and nearly 100 pieces of social media content to help retain new boaters:
    • 6.2 million visits and 9 million page views on
    • Discover Boating web traffic is up 75% from pre-pandemic levels, reaching more consumers and engaging them to become future boat buyers.
  • Influencers: More than 40 Instagram and TikTok influencers shared inspiring boating content with people from all walks of life – reaching nearly 13 million followers and generating nearly 5 million engagements (likes, views, shares, comments, clicks). Check out some of the stories here.
  • Earned Press Coverage: To keep boating top of mind and reach new boaters, the team conducted extensive media outreach  and secured top-tier TV segments and news articles on the benefits of boating, including FOX Business, CNBC, USA Today, Women’s Health, PureWow and more.
  • “Get On Board”: The joint “Get on Board” campaign from Discover Boating and Take Me Fishing continued making waves this year in reaching new boaters and anglers by garnering more than 3 billion impressions (the number of times the campaign was served to consumers) – a 42% year-over-year increase – and 32 million YouTube views – double the views since the 2020 campaign.

Questions about the campaign may be directed to Maggie Maskery, NMMA’s Director of Consumer Public Relations, at